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Mouraria for Everyone [project]

To discover the neighbourhood of Mouraria means to travel through the origins of one of the most ancient countries in Europe, since its settlement during the Middle Ages, the Renaissance and the travels by Portuguese navigators and sailors to new worlds, until present day. In Mouraria, thanks to all the immigrants that inhabit this place, it is possible to access the entire world in just one neighbourhood. To ramble its streets and listen to so many different languages is something that enriches the lives of everyone. Its peoples, organizations, local and national community projects, work together daily for the appreciation of the human richness that can be found here.

The project Mouraria para Todos (Mouraria for Everyone) is an initiative of Renovar a Mouraria Organization, which offers guided tours of higher quality, without forgetting those with special needs. Sponsored by the EDP Solidária programme of the EDP Foundation, these visits assure the installation of ramps for those who are physically challenged. For the blind these paths are fully adapted in order to prioritize the sounds, the scents and the tastes, adding true value to a more sensorial experience. For the deaf there are Portuguese sign language interpreters.

The tour guides have received specific training at Renovar a Mouraria Organization. The project Mouraria Para Todos not only guarantees the quality of this service to all visitors, but it also promotes local employment.

History and stories with people inside is the theme of these visits. We live and work in Mouraria. We collect stories and memories of those who, just like us, have made this place their home and enrich it by opening the doors of their houses, work and religious places and inviting us in.

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